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Quick Tips Tuesday: Maintaining the Talent-Agent Relationship

If it’s Tuesday then it must be time for…#QuickTipTuesday! This week, we’re talking about how to maintain your relationship with your lovely agents! Give Notice for Bookout Dates More Than 2-3 Days If you know that you won’t be in town for more than a few days, kindly let your agents know so that they […]

Wordy Wednesday #5: The ABC’s of Model-Actor Resources!

Welcome to another Wordy Wednesday! Today, we’re defining the ABC’s of resources that actors and models have available to them online. These are key resources that can help you make connections within the industry. The 3 websites below are important sites that can help you get work as an actor or model. A is for… Actors […]

FLASHback Friday!

It’s #FLASHbackFriday! Today, we’re highlighting this gorgeous 1950 Agfa Agnar Isolette V camera! Fun fact: this camera was first introduced as the Isorette camera until the name changed to Isolette! #fbf #cameras Happy Friday!