If it’s Tuesday then it must be time for…#QuickTipTuesday! This week, we’re talking about how to maintain your relationship with your lovely agents!

  • Give Notice for Bookout Dates More Than 2-3 Days
    If you know that you won’t be in town for more than a few days, kindly let your agents know so that they don’t book you for something while you’re busy! Let them know well in advance (at least a week before, not the day before) if the bookout is long.
  • Email New Pictures at Appropriate Times
    You don’t need to get new shots every 3 months, but if you do get new headshots email the pictures to your agent so they can have a look!
  • Say Hi!
    Calling/emailing your agent to say hi and updating them on what you’re doing lets them know that you’re still serious about working with the agency! It’s also a great way to make sure that you and your agent are on the same page.
    Pro tip: This is a once in a while thing, every couple of months or so, not a daily newsletter on what you ate for breakfast.

Maintaining a good relationship with an agent is important, and it goes both ways whether you are signed or freelance.

That’s it for this week’s #QuickTipTuesday! See you next week!

Remember, #AlwaysThinkGreen!

Welcome to another #QuickTipTuesday! Your resume is a major part of the way you present yourself as an actor, so it’s important that you keep it updated and accurate. Today, we’re talking about what key skills to include on your resumé… and what not to include when filling out the special skills section.

  • Valid Driver’s License/Passport
    Do you have a valid driver’s license? Write that down! Do you have a current passport, or multi-national citizenship? Write that down! Commercials shoot all over the world, and you could be asked to drive at any time, so always keep your licenses and passports up to date.
  • Language/Sports Proficiency
    If you cannot do something in your skills section fluently/perfectly, then do not put it down. Have you been playing soccer consistently since you were 7, and you still play with great form? Write that down! Have you forgotten all of the high school Spanish you once knew? Leave that off.
  • Quirk/Life Experience
    Everyone has their own life experiences and unique traits. Are you a dog trainer? Do you speak an uncommon world language? Have you served in the military or in public service (are you a police officer, firefighter, etc.)? These specialized traits help make your resumé stand out.

Remember one last thing: never fake the skills on your resumé. It’s OK to leave yoga off your special skills if you don’t know your vinyasa from your bikram. These key skills will help your headshot and resumé stand out to casting directors and agents! Stay tuned for next week’s #QuickTipTuesday! And remember…#AlwaysThinkGreen!

If it’s Tuesday, then it must be time for some quick tips… welcome to another #QuickTipsTuesday!
OK, so to the average observer, modeling and acting may seem like it doesn’t require much prep work, but that’s not true! Acting and modeling can require a significant amount of prep work, and today we’re giving tips on how to prep for a successful audition or casting!

  1. The mirror is your friend!
    Practice everything in the mirror. If the commercial has copy, tape it to the side of the mirror and practice reading it, while going back and forth between the copy and the mirror. The mirror will stand in for the camera.
  2. The mirror is your friend, Part 2!
    Some commercials have no copy or may be a print-only job. For these, spend some time looking at yourself in the mirror and connect your emotions with your facial expressions. This will help you to be more in touch with how you want to look during the casting!
  3. Flex the muscles
    A wise person once said, “acting is a muscle which must be kept in shape through endless practice”. Flex those muscles: practice smiling so big that it reaches your eyes, practice copy whenever you can, and practice moving with purpose and intention.

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a successful casting and booking the job!
That’s it for this Tuesday…stay tuned until next week for more quick tips!