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3 Quick Tips on Maintaining Your Social Media!

Welcome to another #QuickTipsTuesday Now more than ever brands are looking to cast actors and models with an extensive social media presence! Some casting directors check an actor’s social media presence to see more of their “look”. They can also look for actors and models who can become ambassadors for a brand or product. That’s why […]

FLASHback Friday!

It’s #FLASHbackFriday…here’s another ? from Lauren’s collection: a beautiful 1920s Voigtlander Avus camera! Fun fact: Avus is named after the oldest autobahn in Germany! Happy Friday! #AlwaysThinkGreen #FBF

Wordy Wednesdays #2: Terms in Contracts

Welcome to another Wordy Wednesday! This week, we’re clarifying and defining words that are often found in contracts (dun dun dun!). Here are 3 key terms that are supremely important to understand, especially if they come up in your next release! USAGE Why is usage in capital letters you ask? Well, it’s because the statement of […]