Welcome to another #QuickTipsTuesday Now more than ever brands are looking to cast actors and models with an extensive social media presence! Some casting directors check an actor’s social media presence to see more of their “look”. They can also look for actors and models who can become ambassadors for a brand or product. That’s why this week’s Quick Tips Tuesday is devoted entirely to an actor’s social media presence and the importance of keeping it up to date!

  1. Your social media = your brand!
    Your social media reflects your personality and brand. Make sure that the content you post, like or retweet reflects who you are and how you would like to be seen by possible clients, employers and casting directors.
    Pro Tip: try not to post anything NSFW, because you never know what casting director could be checking out your profile!
  2. Cultivate your following!
    It’s important to maintain connections in this business and in 2016 that means connecting on social media as well. Try to connect with people you work with to further expand your platform!
  3. Generate your own content!
    Post regularly across social media platforms to maintain a continual presence. One way to do this is to create your own content! It’s a great way to stay busy and working, while also promoting yourself and your work to your followers!

You are your own PR & marketing rep, so take advantage of your social media platforms to promote yourself whenever possible. That’s it for today’s Quick Tip Tuesday! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Wordy Wednesday…it’s a companion post to this one, defining some of the most important social media terms of today!