Welcome to another edition of Wordy Wednesdays! We’re continuing with this week’s theme of maintaining your social media presence by defining a few key terms that will help you with potential collaborators online!

  • post
    The most basic form of communication on social media, but can mean different things on different platforms. A post on Facebook is usually text-based. An Instagram post is a picture (perhaps with a caption). A post on Twitter is called a tweet!
  • handle/username
    Your handle is also known as your username. It is your identity on social media.
    Pro tip: keep social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat) the same, so it’ll be easier for someone to find you!
  • website
    An important part of the model/actor’s social media presence, the website usually acts as “home base”. It often has the most detailed information, a gallery of photos, and links to their previous and upcoming work. Keep this up to date!
  • following
    A following is the group of people who follow an actor/model on social media (the individual is the “follower”). As an actor, it’s important to engage your following and maintain your followers so that you have a wide platform to promote yourself.
  • brand ambassador
    A brand ambassador is a person who uses social media to promote a brand by mentioning them in posts and pictures. In today’s social media-focused world, brands are looking to market themselves by having actors and models double as brand ambassadors who embody the characteristics of the product they want to promote.

These definitions will help you navigate through the sea of social media platforms out there, and they’ll help you take advantage of the opportunities that await online! Stay tuned for next week’s Wordy Wednesday!