The 4th of July weekend is just around the corner, but we can’t play hard until we work hard (and believe me, we’re working hard today)! To tide you over until the weekend comes, we decided to start an advice column for actors in NYC.
Lauren has been in the commercial business for over 20 years and has plenty of little nuggets of wisdom to share, so today we’re starting with one of the basics: headshots and resumes! Here are 5 tips on how to spruce up your shot to make it stand out to agents and casting directors!

  1. Smile!
    Commercial acting and modeling is all about being natural, so smiling in your headshot will make you seem friendly and personable to people who see your headshot!
  2. No blue lipstick!
    When you are taking new photos, make sure that you have a natural look and don’t go overboard or experiment with any new hairstyles or makeup tricks. On that note…
  3. Make sure you look like your photo!
    You should always look like your headshot, but this is even more important for commercials because of the short turnaround time! What does this mean? Well, for guys it could mean staying clean shaven if your shot is clean shaven, and for gals it could mean keeping your curly hair instead of going for that keratin treatment!
  4. Keep your resume up to date!
    All of your relevant work should be listed by category (film/tv, legit, modeling, etc.), while your measurements and contact info (and your agency’s contact info!) should be listed at the top right under your name.
    Pro tip: Don’t list your commercial work–write “available upon request” instead.
  5. 8 X 10!!
    It may seem like the smallest thing ever, but make sure that your headshot and resume are both printed 8 in x 10 in & taped or printed back-to-back. It can be frustrating to agents and casting directors when a headshot is too large or when a resume extends beyond the photo.

Boom, 5 quick tips to help make your headshot and resume more appealing to agents and casting directors! Stay tuned for next week’s advice column!
And remember… #AlwaysThinkGreen!