Another week, another advice column! Today, we’re focusing on 5 tips on the etiquette of go-sees & auditions.

  1. Be nice from door to door!
    It may seem like a given, but make sure to project a positive attitude from the moment you walk in the building to the moment you leave. No casting director wants to work with someone who will smile in the audition room and then have an attitude in the elevator ride down. You never know who you’ll bump into on the elevator!
  2. Be on time (or early)!
    If you are sent on a go-see, you are expected to GO to that go-see! No bailing, no last-minute cancellations. As the model/actor, you are representing not only yourself, but also your agents. You can make everyone look good by showing up on time, or 15 minutes earlier (at most). If you are undeniably delayed, keep your agent updated so they can make sure you’re still seen.
  3. Always look like your pictures!
    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: always look like your pictures! Casting requires a specific look. If your agent submits you for a go-see, then you have to maintain the same image (that means no new hairstyles, no newly-grown beards, etc.)!
  4. Always be prepared.
    Try to be flexible when you’re in the audition room, and come prepared with whatever you need to have with you (suggestion: extra headshots just in case).
  5. You don’t need to bring the kitchen sink in the audition room with you.
    When you’re at the casting, make sure to leave your belongings outside of the audition room (it can be time-consuming and distracting to bring it in with you). On that note, try to leave any mental baggage outside too: take a deep breath, focus on what you’re doing in the moment, and forget about whether or not you left your bathroom light on.

Boom, 5 quick etiquette tips to make yourself look good both in and out of the audition room! Stay tuned for next week’s advice column! And remember… #AlwaysThinkGreen!