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FLASHback Friday!

It’s #FLASHbackFriday… here are twin baby Brownies from Lauren’s collection. These babies are from the 1930s! Happy Friday! #AlwaysThinkGreen #FBF

Wordy Wednesdays #1: This, That, and the Other Thing (All Mean the Same Thing)

Two more days until Friday, guys. You can do it!! In the mean time… Welcome to Wordy Wednesdays, our brand-new series on the industry-specific terms you’ll hear while working as an actor or model. A lot of key terms that agents, casting directors, and other actors use can be repetitive or used interchangeably with other words, […]

5 Quick Tips on Audition & Go-See Etiquette!

Another week, another advice column! Today, we’re focusing on 5 tips on the etiquette of go-sees & auditions. Be nice from door to door! It may seem like a given, but make sure to project a positive attitude from the moment you walk in the building to the moment you leave. No casting director wants to […]